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We are proud to provide title insurance and escrow services to clients throughout the entire State of Florida. At Infinity Abstract & Title, a division of Blick Law Firm, we have in-house counsel to provide both residential and commercial customers with the highest level of expertise and service.

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Infinity Abstract & Title, LLC is an attorney owned title insurance agency that has been serving the Florida Real Estate market since 2006. Grounded in honesty and ethical values, we endeavor to provide competent, professional service to every client. We understand that it is the responsibility of the company to treat all parties equally and fairly in each transaction.Current underwriters are Westcor Land Title Insurance Company..
Infinity Abstract & Title recognizes the importance of a realtor’s role during and throughout a purchase transaction. We update the realtors frequently so that they are aware of the status of each file. We assist in obtaining all necessary documents, ordering third party services (such as surveys, termite inspections, appraisals, etc.) and keeping parties informed at all times. In addition to facilitating individual transactions, we continue to educate our realtors on the ever-changing practices and policies within the title insurance industry.
With a total of over 40 years of experience in the title insurance industry, Infinity Abstract & Title has perfected the art of real estate closings as a whole. The company’s refinement of this process has enabled us to work seamlessly and dutifully with our mortgage brokers, banks and lending firms.


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