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Are you planning on selling? Are you planning on buying? Buying or selling a home may be one of the biggest financial decisions a person may experience. Utilizing an attorney-owned title company during the purchase and sale of a home may be invaluable to a successful and timely closing. Whether dealing with residential or commercial property, Infinity Abstract & Title has vast experience in handling various closing and settlement transactions. During the closing, the title of the real estate property is transferred from seller to buyer through the signing of a Deed. In Florida, the standards and regulations one has to follow to properly transfer interest in a home or commercial property which may be exhausting and overwhelming. A title company such as Infinity Abstract & Title will be the credible third party who processes title documentation, performs the closing, and finalizes all post closing documentation on the client’s behalf. An attorney-owned title company puts clients at ease knowing they have attorney and title representation they can trust for a secure and smooth settlement! Infinity Abstract & Title understands the importance one gives to any residential or commercial transfer in interest and wishes to help you. Please contact a representative today at 813-931-0840 or schedule an appointment with a trusted real estate attorney!

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